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Sunday, 26 May 2019

OWD "Public Read Only" | Only record owner can edit their own records?

Scenario: There is a custom object, it's record should be visible to everyone (users) but only record owner can edit the record. When someone edits a picklist field, the record should be automatically assigned to the groups of the user to work on and they can edit the record and the previously assigned user should not edit the record.

Solution: Below is the steps to set up the things for the above requirement.
  • OWD: for this custom object will be "Public Read Only". (All user can see the record who has object access permission) 

  • OWD ( Organization Wide Sharing Default): It defines the default access level for an object’s records. The organization-wide sharing settings can be set to Private, Public Read Only, or Public Read/Write. 
  • Profile: The users who are going to see and work on the record should have 'Read','Edit' permission on the object.
  • Create queues for different users. (Setup -> Queue-> New)

  • Queue1 : Assigned User( User 1, User 2 )
    Queque 2: Assigned User ( User 3, User 4 )

  • Create a Process Builder: Assigned the record to the queue based on the selected picklist.
Setup -> Process Builder -> New

Result: When the user changes the 'Level' picklist field value automatically record will be assigned to 'Queue' ( multiple users) with the help of Process Builder.

The record will be read-only to the users and only owner and the user who created the record will be able to edit the record.


Arun Kumar



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