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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Mailchimp Batch Operation | Salesforce - Mailchimp Integration | Mailchimp REST API

MailChimp Batch Operation: We can use this batch operation in the MailChimp API to complete more than one operation in just a single call. Let's take an example where you need to subscribe and unsubscribe the records. In the simple API call, you have to do separate call to make the single record to subscribe and unsubscribe in the MailChimp list this may exceed your API call out limit. The batch operation runs in the background on the MailChimp server and does the more than one action in just a single API call. After callout, we can check the batch status.

Scenario: There is a field on Contact records 'Email Opt Out', whenever user update the field to uncheck subscribe the record in the MailChimp list and vice versa.


Find the code on Github here

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