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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Generate DataMatrix code in Salesforce

The Data Matrix is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of black and white "cells" or modules arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern, also known as a matrix. The information to be encoded can be text or numeric data.

To generate DataMatrix code in Salesforce for object records fields, I am going to use this website (https://barcode.tec-it.com/) which provided all kinds of barcode generation url.

Below are steps to generate DataMatrix code.

Create a custom formula field on the Object.

IMAGE('https://barcode.tec-it.com/barcode.ashx?data='+ Name + '&code=DataMatrix&multiplebarcodes=false&translate-esc=false&unit=Fit&dpi=96&imagetype=Gif&rotation=0&color=%23000000&bgcolor=%23ffffff&qunit=Mm&quiet=0&dmsize=Default', 'DataMatrix Code')

The generated DataMatrix code will show on Account record detail page.

Now, show this DataMatrix code on the Visualforce page (Render page as PDF).

<apex:page standardController="Account" renderAs="pdf"  docType="html-5.0">
 <apex:form >
     <apex:outputText value="{!account.DataMatrix_Code__c}" escape="false" style="float:right;"/><br/><br/>
      Name: &nbsp; <apex:outputText value="{!account.Name}"/><br/>
      Email: &nbsp; <apex:outputtext value="{!account.AccountNumber}" />

Output: As you can see DataMatrix code is not showing properly on PDF page.

To make this DataMatrix code render properly on PDF page We need to add this URL ( https://barcode.tec-it.com ) to a remote site setting.



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